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David Kretschun
Industrial Engineer

Jonathan Kretschun (authorized officer)
Industrial Engineer M.Sc.


The company was founded in 1995 by industrial engineer David Kretschun.

After many years of specialisation in the construction industry, the expert system for property valuations was added to the range of services in 2000.

The main clients for market value appraisals of any type of property are primarily courts, lawyers, banks, companies and private individuals.

Due to many customer requests at that time, the company has also been very successful in real estate sales for many years. Here, the market partners involved benefit in particular from the technical qualification in all questions relating to real estate as well as from the high company claim to professionalism in service and marketing up to notarial certification with all the details involved.


IVD The IVD Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.

Customer- and service-oriented like its member companies, the IVD Berlin-Brandenburg acts for its approximately 600 members. As the professional association of all qualified real estate service providers, brokers, administrators and experts in Berlin and Brandenburg, it is the largest representative of the real estate industry in the metropolitan region.

Source: IVD Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.
VBI Verband Beratender Ingenieure VBI

The Verband Beratender Ingenieure VBI is the leading professional organisation of independent consulting and planning engineers in Germany.

Source: VBI.de
Baukammer The Baukammer Berlin is the statutory professional body of all engineers working in civil engineering in the Land Berlin

Baukammer Berlin
FIABCI International Real Estate Federation
Internationaler Verband der Immobilienberufe
FIABCI Deutsche Delegation e.V.

FIABCI - The name and logo have stood for the highest international professionalism for 60 years now.
  • Business club of real estate professionals from more than 60 countries worldwide
  • Association of 100 national real estate professional organisations with over 1.5 million members
FIABCI represents the entire spectrum of real estate professions and types of property in a single global network

Source: FIABCI - die globale Immobiliengemeinschaft
AIV Architekten- und Ingenieurverein zu Berlin e.V.

The AIV has the aim of promoting Berlin's building culture. Berlin's second oldest association, rich in tradition, sees its most important task in taking a stand on current planning processes and influencing developments in important urban areas of the capital. It analyses and comments on stages and projects and presents discussion approaches for future urban development.
The AIV is an important and critical companion of the architectural and cultural history of Berlin, Prussia and Germany.

Source: aiv-berlin.de
BKK Brandenburgische Ingenieurkammer

Brandenburgische Ingenieurkammer
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